Performing Arts, Martial Arts

Martial Arts, the world’s best form of human body movement to create a solid defense and offense. Personally, I believe it’s a great form of art as I myself go to karate every week day, practicing and honing my skills for my Sensei’s approval. Martial Arts to me is a form of arts with the movements of our bodies to emphasize strength, power, spirit and wisdom. 51346120Here’s a picture of students all moving in unison. It’s just absolutely beautiful. Martial arts have been around ever since China was established, as the first martial art was created in China. It further more diverged into different branches forming taekwondo, karate, jujitsu and many more. Not only has martial arts become such a beautiful way of getting fit and strong, it trains the mental mind to be calm, making those who practice it get smarter and wiser. I’m a red belt in karate and each color of belt has a “khata” which is a sequence of moves a person does to fend of people in such a situation. Not only does martial arts teach you self defense, it lets you be loose with your techniques and plus, it makes you look so much cooler. Thanks for reading and I”ll see you in the next blog, bub bye!


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