I love drawing.

Everyone has their own thing. Some got skillz and can dance others got muscles to play sports. I had my pencil and paper. Maybe some colors too. Drawing has given me freedom of expressing my feelings and a passion for the artistic styles everybody has. I draw basically everything, but I’m bad at it. My first drawing was of a human, with a very deformed arm, disgusting face (and I mean DISGUSTING) and with the chubby fat fingers for hands. Even so, I still pexels-photo-208144love that drawing and will forever treasure it as, “My worst Drawing ever Created.”  Drawing also helps me with CALM YOURSELF down time and aids with my stress levels. To be honest though, I sometimes only draw to grab attention (I mean hey! It ain’t hurting nobody so it’s okay right?).

One time, my father was gone on the morning on a day I woke up for school. He had been taken to the hospital, as he had a heart attack. My pexels-photo-89625mother would stay with my dad’s side from the very beginning to the very end. Thus, I didn’t see any of them for a whole week, and being the 9-year old I was, I became distraught and didn’t know what to do. Didn’t have the support from my parents. Didn’t know what to do. It was a scary time. (By the way I lived with my grandparent’s house at the time) Then one day, I saw my brother had left out his homework and I saw he was working on an art project. He was trying to draw himself, but it looked awful, to me, and I decided I would help him. I picked up the pencil and began sketching. An hour had passed by, and I finished the sketch. Another hour passed, and I finished detailing it. Hours passed by as I drew my brother and soon, 5 hours had passed and I completed it. It took my mind of my dad and had me freshen my mind. This was how drawing became one of my passions in life.


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