the world in My eyes

Every where I walk, I seem to find something that stands out, usually something that disgusts me. For example the way people have relationships at such a young age. I see it as an excuse not to be alone. In this article, it states all the reasons for why not to be ina relationship. By the way, I’m only a teenager so if any of this offends you I’m sorry. Back to the topic, I’ve been seeing things that would seem normal to others, but strange to me. Another instance is the way people have such laziness to the point it’s excessively stupid. I’m part of a boy scouts group and the kids there are so frick’in lazy that they can’t even walk to the restroom which is only a few meters away, and instead pee in the bush right next to them. First of all, that’s disgusting. Secondly it’s unsanitary. Third, since your urine has lots of salt content in it, you’re basically dehydrating the plant. Now to get to business. The thing I wanted to share with you is how we’re our own source of excessive stress and tiredness.


There comes this metaphor for earth’s timeline as a building. The ground floor to the 39th floor is the era of which life never existed on earth. The 40th floor up to the 49th floor would be the existence of water and marine creatures. The 50th floor up to the 69th floor is the dinosaurs who ruled this earth for centuries. Then the 70th floor to the 75th floor would be the animals and creatures after the Cretaceous Extinction event. Finally, us humans would be the paint on the surface of the building, yet they’re the one who’s changed this world so much in so little time. Just thought something like this would be interesting to the human audience.

An interesting fact I learned the other day in class was that women are the victims of all of society’s expectations and visions of what the ideal woman should be. Then I thought, what would my sister felt about make up and stuff like that. When I got home that day, I asked my sister if she would ever wear make up in middle school. She said “Yes.” Then I makeup-brush-1768790_1920asked her if she had friends who wore make up (by the way, she’s only a 5th grader so don’t expect a whole lot). She answered “Yes.” and I was SHOCKED.  Seriously? 5th graders wearing make up, for what? Ain’t no body got no time for that! Then I decided to ask my friends (which were female) other than this class whether they think about what others thought of their looks. Many of them said yes.

Now, time for some more sci-ency stuff. On the New York Times, one of their many articles reads ” ‘There is also some evidence that women feel more confident when wearing makeup, a kind of placebo effect,’ said Nancy Etcoff, the study’s lead author and an assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard University” (Nancy Etcoff). This is proof that the way society sees a woman affects how she feels about things. If you want to learn more about this kind of study go to this to find out more. Another very interesting fact that I learned was that the average time it took for women to put on makeup was 55 minutes. What?! That’s insane! That’s a whole 14 days of time lost to argument-238529_1920makeup in a year. Of course, I would never know how that would feel as I am a boy (yay).

Finally to conclude what I wanted you to learn today. After reading this I hope that you start to look at the world we live in a little bit differently. Noticing how man is a woman’s insecurity and that it’s important to look at things at all sorts of angles. Thank you for spending the time to read my insanely long blog. If you want something to lighten you up, here’s a site with some interesting content. I’ll see you in the next blog, Bub Bye!


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