My Art of Stories

  1. Restraint

I am part of a family, but just not any family, but an Asian one. Why does it matter? Well because I’m an excuse for everyone to blame on (This is how I feel when I get infuriated).  There’s almost nothing I can do that my friends are able to do. Can’t play video games with anyone, besides relatives, can’t go anywhere besides the house by myself, and can’t even make my own decisions (by this I mean I’m not allowed to make the decisions, it’s my parents). I’ve got two younger siblings so my parents always say that I have to set a good model for them to follow. Remember, I know this is all nonsense as they’re just being a bit overprotective, but it can really get on my nerves sometimes.


  1. Sharing Stuff

Not too long ago, probably like 2 years ago, my brother and had saved enough money to buy ourselves a penny board. The thing was, there was only one, but we both wanted to use it. Thus, we created a “contract” that we’d take turns riding the board every other day. We might’ve gotten in some arguments and some fights, but in the end we both had fun. This “contract of ours all ended when he stopped riding it. Then it “kind-of” became my board, although he would ride it whenever he wanted to. Not only did we share this, we also shared a room, an iPad, a computer, the toys, my personal private space and my sleep. It was rough having a little brother on you everyday.


  1. Siblings

No one could tell that me and my brother were related. I was taller, fatter, and more light skinned. He was shorter, skinnier, and darker skinned. I was way older, smarter, and had long hair (for a guy). He was way younger, less intelligent, and had really short hair.In fact, we have the same personality and we’re both really annoying. Also, we’re reckless, don’t think but act more, joke when we’re not supposed to and get along way too nicely. I remember, one day we got really in sync somehow and we did a lot of thing at the same time. On that day, we finished our homework and said finished baby! At the same time. We also finished eating and our chores simultaneously too. Coincidence? Well, these are just the small things that make David and I brothers.


  1. Too much Hope

I always did believe to much. I distinctly remember telling myself that I can  finish my project, that’s worth 100 points, in an hour. Not only that, but in school. Dang, I was stupid, or I just procrastinated a lot. Being convinced I would be able to, I took it easy and when I got the final grade, my grade dropped from a A to a B-. Nice job Andy from the past. Well, I deserved it though. I know believing in yourself is good and all, but something impossible, well, it’s just impossible. I also recall a time where I was really young and wanted a puppy. What did I do? Got a stick from outside and yelled ABRA CA DABRA! Over and over again. Never got anything out of it.


  1. Being Reserved

When I was young, I never could muster enough courage to talk to anyone, not even relatives. Being raised in an Asian family, I was accustomed to the thought of the elder ones in the family deserve more respect and have more power than me. I’ve always been this way, always thinking others are better than me (Ha, not my brother and sister though XD). Due to this, I’ve always felt shy and could never do anything for myself, as I thought it would disrespect others. Every time I talk to someone I don’t know, I say hi my name is Andy and that’s it. With me always thinking I’m worse than everyone else, I could never talk “normally” with anyone. I would always be the quietest in my classes too. Not any more though. I’ve gotten better with communicating  with people.


  1. Taken Advantage of

I have always been taken advantage of when it comes to helping, I can’t help myself. I’m always being nice towards anyone I talk to, never harming anyone. This is just who I am. I can’t stand being mean to anyone, and when I know that I’m being mean, that’s just the worst. People will take advantage of me and some have done so before as I’m way to nice and I’ll do ANYTHING  to help or make a person feel better, even if they just said that hurts or wow, that hurt my feelings. One time, let’s just call my friend as Tom, Tom and I became good friends and started to hang out more as we had several classes together. We got along very nicely, just like any two friends would have. Hen one day, he asked me for my science homework because he had forgotten to do it. Understandable, I mean it’s okay to forget sometimes and ask friends for some help. Then I finally noticed that this had been going for over a year now. This finally ended when he hit the bomb. One day he just took my homework without my permission and never gave it back. This is the point where I just couldn’t be taken advantaged of anymore. I stopped being so nice to the point where I could be tricked into doing labor for my so-called “friends.” It’s okay though, Tom and I are still friends, but not as sharing as before.


  1. Loss of Family

I remember the day where my father’s father died, as he came home with a very, very cold stone face. My grandfather, we called him Ông nội, and he died in the middle of June, near the end of my 3rd grade year. When we attended the ceremony at a temple, with my grandfather’s dead body inside, I exploded into tears and instantly broke. Soon after, many of my relatives broke as well, not feeling as embarrassed or weak, after seeing me breaking down. Only a few people remained with their stone faces. My dad, his brothers, his sister and my grandmother. At first, I thought that since they were my grandfather’s family, that they would be the ones to handle it the best, and also they’re the oldest and strongest in their respective families. Soon after that day, where we brought him to his burial place, every night when my dad came home, he said nothing for the entire week with the family. Then I knew my dad’s got a hard time. He missed his father than any of us could have.



  1. Foreign language

My first words were mom and dad, in Vietnamese. M and Ba taught me Tiếng Việt, as their first language was also Vietnamese. Thus, I began speaking Vietnamese, learning it and writing it all, until I got into 1st grade. Before I had the help of my teacher who was conveniently Vietnamese help me with English and translate it for me. After that I moved to Anaheim and had to start all over with English. That first day at school. Whoo! was I scared. That whole week I couldn’t leave my mom and everyone, I bet, thought I was a total wimp. I couldn’t speak English very well so when they asked me how old I was, what was my favorite color, what do I like to eat, I couldn’t understand most of it.  At the time I could speak a few words and read it (I think) but could never understand it. When I tried to say anything, I would end up going back to Vietnamese and cry. I know, what a baby. I was 5. It seemed hopeless, but eventually I got better at English and now I guess I can consider it as my second language, even though I’m better at it than English.


  1. Tradition of work

All the time, I’m always being called to do the laundry, cut the grass, vacuum the house, clean out all the rooms and etc. Sometimes I just feel enslaved. It’s miserable, having to do chores during the only 2 days of your week where you truly get a break. Not only that, I have to take care of my brother and sister everyday. Making breakfast for them, waking them up, giving them their medicine and making sure they did their homework right. I feel like I can never be alone doing something I want to. I truly despise how my siblings do none of the chores while my parents and I do most of the work. I mean, sure they’re younger and all but they’re in 5th grade. I began waking them up and making breakfast for them when I was in 5th grade, 5 years ago! Having an older brother must be great huh? I wonder how that would feel. Maybe this is just me being annoyed by them and my chores, but I don’t think so.



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